Wavey’s Web site of the month

Every month I’m inundated with requests to take a look at sites either operated or recommended by PC Pro readers. Space constraints prevent me from mentioning more than just one or two, so those that do make it here have to be pretty special in one way or another. Keep sending your URLs and I’ll keep visiting them, and if you do make it on these pages be prepared for a hits explosion.

If you’re fed up with the US dominance of the Web-based book and video market, check out Black Star, the UK’s biggest video store. It’s a privately held company with over 60,000 videotape and DVD titles, including every release that is currently available in the UK. Compare that with an average of around 2,500 titles in your average high-street outlet. You can search for titles on-line by director, star, title, distribution company, year or category. If you’re after a rare or deleted film, Black Star offer a unique ‘video hunt’ service to track-down deleted or hard-to-find videos (provided they’ve been released in the UK at some stage) – a search which might take months of investigative work, but if it succeeds Black Star charges you a standard fee of £16.99 for the film, with no additional charge for the hunt.

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