Still Time To Weave Your Way To The Web

A new survey of Internet users suggests that as much as £450 million of Christmas spending this year will be online, with books and CDs proving particularly popular.

As many as 3.6 million Internet users could spend as much as 30% of their Christmas shopping budgets on the Net.

The MORI survey, commissioned by online video retailer Blackstar, reveals that many of those interviewed expect to save time and money by shopping online, with men more likely than women to avoid the traumas of the High Street crush.

When this cyber Christmas materialises, it will be bad news for the traditional retailers, many of whom still offer no facilities for customers to shop from the parlour rather than the pavement.

But it is an enormous opportunity for the entrepreneur with good products and fast feet. It is still possible to have a website up and running in a matter of days and cash in on the seasonal spend – if you have the nerve to do so.

A visit to might enable you to find an appropriate name for your site, particularly if you do not plan to be too subtle about your market.

Sitting on the shelf, for example, they have such gems as, and

If you want other, more sophisticated names they may have these as well. But if you want to check whether a specific name has already been taken, then offers a free search facility.

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