It’s all in the head for Ed

Eddie Irvine has decided to ditch his tried and trusted crash helmet design in order to blend in at Jaguar.

The flamboyant Irishman decided that a new image was in order after it was pointed out that his traditional orange livery would clash with Jaguar’s green hues, and has unveiled a black-based helmet featuring the company’s big cat.

The helmet also advertises two new sponsors for the former ferari pilot, who claims that ridding himself of the old design also cuts his last ties with his former employer, whose logo he also proudly displayed on top of his head.

Joining HSBC on the helmet are Irvine’s new backers Playstation and BlackStar.

The latter, he admitted, gives him particular joy, in that it is the first company from his native Northern Ireland to take an interest in his career.

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