New Media Player

Name: Jeremy Glover

Title: Founder and marketing director

Company: BlackStar

Describe what your job involves in one sentence: “Making BlackStar famous for selling a passion and providing great service to our customers”

CV: “Summer jobs in an abbatoir in Bangor, one year at Brighton Poly studying computer science and 10 years in advertising – the last three as creative director of McCann Erickson in Belfast – and three years helping run BlackStar.”

What’s the best deal/move you’ve ever made? “Convincing Emap Metro to let us be their exclusive online video and DVD retailer. It was our first major media owner and it helped enormously in building our credibility at such an early and vital stage in our growth.”

What deal/move do you most wish you had made? “I haven’t made it yet but when I do you’ll be the first to know.”

Who’s the most important person in the European Internet Industry? “I don’t think there is a single most important person.”

Which of your competitors do you take most seriously? “ In recent research it came out top in the US for customer care and fulfillment, while we came out top in the UK. We both understand retail as well as the Internet. It’s only a matter of time before the high street retailers get their heads around e-commerce, but by that stage we will have a significant customer base.”

What’s the next big thing in new media? “Video streaming and VoD through multiple distribution channels like WAP.”

Quoted: “Our strategy has been about slow-building, about managing customer expectation. The good thing for us now is that the doors have closed and everyone who’s not in the club won’t get in, because the barriers to entry are too high.” Independent.

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