Answered E-mails

Dear Internet Monthly

I couldn’t agree more with the letters included in the June issue of your magazine complaining about the failure to reply by many companies.

However, might I be permitted to sing the praises of one company – with whom I have no connection other than as a very happy customer -that’s Blackstar.

I find their whole system of working excellent -prices great, no postage charge to add on, very quick delivery, but what really pleases me is that they always tell me what’s happening with my order – I don’t have to keep asking them. If a video is going to arrive later then predicted, they tell me -I don’t have to ask.

I had a parcel go missing before Christmas there was no problem. As soon as they knew about it – replacement organised and everything sorted – quickly and without hassle.

Probably, though, the greatest secret of their success is that e-mails are answered by human beings with a sense of humour and more often than not a lovely turn of phrase – they’re always personally signed and always answered very, very quickly.

Many of the companies trading on the web could learn a great deal from Blackstar’s customer care approach.

Many Thanks.

Eunice Roberts

Thanks for the e-mail – it’s good to know of a company providing good customer service – and the more we can highlight then the more companies will be inclined to follow Blackstar’s lead.

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