Safety Net For Surfers

Laurette Zeimer talked to five well-established dot.coms to find out how they see the future for themselves, e-commerce in general, and the whole issue of net security …


“At the moment we’re witnessing a necessary shake-out where people with half-baked ideas are falling by the wayside leaving companies which know what they are doing,” says Darryl Collins, co-founder of BlackStar, the Belfast-based company which sells every video and DVD on release in the UK.

“People know who they like shopping with, who they trust and who gets the goods out to them.”

The secret of BlackStar’s success – sales were up 250 per cent at Christmas with two million people using the site – is a concentrated focus on customer service.

“Almost 90 percent of orders ship within 24 hours. We deliver on our promises and people keep coming back.”

As for security, BlackStar knows customers need to trust the system. “We have every latest technology and piece of software available (SSls, firewalls, etc) to protect our customers,” says Darryl. “And a team of people dedicated to this subject alone.”

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