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Probably the best UK video site out there

Friday, June 30th, 2000

A great-looking site, easy to navigate, and chock-full of video bargains. Delivery is free to any destination in the world, so the price you see is the price you pay. Probably the best UK video site out there. 5/5

Mystery Shopper

Sunday, May 7th, 2000

Video and DVD retailer BlackStar consistently gets good feedback from .net readers, who rave about the extensive catalogue, free worldwide delivery and excellent, prompt service among other things. The Mystery Shopper took this as a bit of a challenge – surely there must be something to pick holes in?

Well, maybe there is, but we didn’t find it. The site is a model of easy navigation, with a straightforward search facility. All video and DVD listings include a brief synopsis and most have an illustration of the cover plus enough technical information for you to be sure you’re buying the right thing. Best of all, prices are really competitive, which, coupled with the free delivery, means you really can save money. There’s a huge list of all kinds of videos, from Absolutely Fabulous to Zulu, which are offered at significantly reduced prices. You can also save up to 20 per cent on new releases if you pre-order them prior to release. Deleted vids are listed on the site and BlackStar does its best to get them for you.

You can track your orders on-line, and if something is pre-ordered or is taking a while to track down, you get a weekly automated message updating you on the order status. Any order can be cancelled prior to shipping. Delivery is extremely prompt: pre-ordered items are shipped a day or so in advance to arrive on the day of release.

Share your online shopping experiences

Wednesday, March 1st, 2000

I’d just like to use your mag to praise the Internet mail order company BlackStar, which advertises in .Net. I bought a DVD from BlackStar back in September, and got excellent service. It wasn’t a big purchase or anything-just one disc. Just before Christmas, though, I received loyalty gift from the company. Usually, this would be a book of money off vouchers or something else of little worth, but BlackStar’s gift was more substantial – a video copy of that superb Christmas favourite. It’s a Wonderful Life. As a great James Stewart fan, I was very pleased. So thanks, BlackStar. It was much appreciated.